A book recommendation on the Battle of Berlin

Posted by Florian Wittig on

Since we launched the campaign for 16 Days in Berlin, we have been asked about books on the Battle that go a bit deeper than the standard works on the battle in recent years. 

For anyone who wants to read up on the Battle of Berlin's military operations in detail, we recommend:

BLOODY STREETS - The Soviet Assault on Berlin (Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition) by Aaron Stephan Hamilton which was just released by Helion.

Aaron has been a tremendous help during the production of our documentary, we were able to use the manuscript for the new edition of Bloody Streets as a source and he offered us guidance when we decided how to approach this monumental battle. Jesse said: "It's a very detailed account packed with citations from primary sources, which came in very handy for researching the film - especially since it also follows a day-by-day structure."

Helion offers a 10GBP discount code for the backers of our documentary. Type "BLDYSTRTAPR20" into the Offer/Voucher Code section at checkout and press apply to enjoy this discount. Shipping within the UK is free and they are trying their best to keep the international shipping rates low in these challenging times:


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