16 Days in Berlin Production Update - COVID-19 Edition

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Dear 16 Days in Berlin supporters, 
Sometimes you are just plain lucky. As it happens, we just wrapped up filming for 16 Days in Berlin last Tuesday. We are all healthy and safe here in our European home offices. Which means at the moment the production of our documentary is mostly unaffected and we are confident we will be able to release the documentary in time for the 75th anniversary. 
That being said, the current global health situation is affecting the fulfilment of some of our perks. 
We were in close contact with The Tank Museum in Bovington over the last few days. The team there just made the difficult decision to move Tiger Day from April 25 to August 8. Accordingly, our Premiere event will be held on August 9. Of course, the documentary will be out by then and you will all have the opportunity to watch it when it comes out. Rest assured, we will create a great new itinerary for August 9 - and who knows, maybe you will be the first ones to see something of our new project then. For the actual unveiling of the documentary we are thinking of something special, see below. 
We are postponing the Berlin Battlefield Tour until late summer 2020. Dates to be confirmed. We have a great tour planned already and none of the locations we want to show you will vanish in the meantime.

Our editor and designer are hard at work to create the best quality companion book for our show imaginable and we are planning to send it to the printer in a few weeks. There is a very high chance that the printing, shipment and fulfillment of the book deliveries will be somewhat delayed due to the ongoing shutdowns and logistical disruptions. We will send out the digital version as soon as it's ready though. 
The 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2 in Europe is an important remembrance date. If the COVID-19 situation continues, major remembrance events will be affected by this. At the same time, we think it's important to remember this important historic day even when present events make it hard. We will try to hold some form of digital remembrance in early May 2020 and are currently developing ideas how this could happen. 
Like many others out there, we are a small company fighting through an unforeseeable event. We want to thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Stay healthy and stay safe
The Real Time History crew

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