RTH Patron - Subscription

RTH Patron - Subscription

As a RTH subscriber you'll get ad-free access to all our feature length documentary series which currently have a combined retail value of €60.00.

16 Days in Berlin: The Battle of Berlin Day by Day is the most detailed documentary about the Battle of Berlin. Follow the battle day by day with our groundbreaking series.  Total runtime: 4 hours 30 minutes

Rhineland 45: Decision in the West is the most detailed documentary about the last set piece battle on the Western Front of the Second World War: The Rhineland Campaign. Total runtime: 3 hours 20 minutes

Glory & Defeat is an ongoing documentary series that tells the story of the Franco Prussian War week by week exactly 151 years after the events.

Starting in late February, Napoleon's Downfall, a documentary series about the 1812 Invasion of Russia. 

You also get

  • ad-free episodes from The Great War and Real Time History

  • bonus episodes for Glory & Defeat 

  • access to our Discord server 

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