The Battle of the Rhineland was one of the largest WW2 battles the Allies fought on German soil and part of the critical final campaign against Nazi Germany on the western front.

The Battle for the Rhineland was a series of operations in early 1945, the dramatic finale of the Allied advance from the coast of Normandy to the borders of the Reich. The desperate German forces had managed to form a last line of defence with their backs to the Rhine – the famous river that stood between the Allies and the heart of the German Reich.

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Rhineland 45 - Decision In The West is our second crowdfunded documentary series. This kind of documentary could only be made with crowdfunding. Neither the traditional broadcast companies, TV stations nor YouTube would be suitable for our vision. We wanted to tell the story of this battle as accurately as possible without any interference or content restrictions.

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Our Official Companion Book is the ultimate companion to the documentary, containing maps, notes, photos and complementary material to the documentary. This book will help you discover the battlefield for yourself.

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Documentary Partners

The Tank Museum in the UK, houses one of the best collections of tanks in the world, with of over 300 tanks and armoured vehicles that tell the story of more than 100 years of tank warfare. As a British museum their collection features some of the types of vehicles that fought in the Rhineland 1945 such as the M22 Locust or the Comet tank. Their vast collections and archives include not just tanks, but diaries, photos, firearms and equipment that was used in World War 2.

Christoph Bergs is a military aviation historian and has his own YouTube channel where he climbs into the cockpit of legendary aeroplanes. Chris lends his expertise about aerial warfare. The battle for the Rhineland included extensive strategic bombing and one of the biggest airborne operations in history.

Matthew Moss is a military historian and author. He has written several books and runs and the YouTube channel The Armourer's Bench, both projects look at the history, development and use of weapons in war. Understanding the weapons and equipment soldiers' used is instrumental in understanding how they fought, Matthew's expertise helps us to explore the weapons that shaped the Battle for the Rhineland.