16 Days in Berlin is the most detailed documentary about the Battle of Berlin. Follow the battle day by day with our groundbreaking series.

Research for this monumental documentary was completed by Jesse Alexander, host of The Great War YouTube Channel and by researchers from 8 different countries using sources in 5 languages. Filmed at original locations of the Battle in and around Berlin.

The documentary features detailed maps and animations and authentic footage from the Battle of Berlin filmed by Soviet cameramen during the fighting. It also features never before seen photos and documents of people who fought in the battle on both sides.

18 episodes
Total runtime: 4.5 hours
Language: English
Available with English subtitles
Verfügbar mit deutschsprachigen Untertiteln

Made possible by our community

16 Days In Berlin was made with the support of over 4000 backers. It is the most successfully crowdfunded documentary about WW2 ever made.

original archive footage

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Jesse Alexander

Host and researcher Jesse has an MA in history and has been studying early 20th-century history for years. Additional support comes from our international network of scholars and experts that will provide insights into complex topics such as urban warfare or the downfall of the Nazi regime.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives or were wounded during the Battle of Berlin. The battle saw an almost unimaginable outbreak of violence and suffering for everyone involved. This is history and it's important for us to address all the facets of the battle in this documentary.

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Animations and graphics

For our documentary we have created state-of-the-art info graphics and animated maps. So you can see in detail how the battle of Berlin was fought, in numbers and from a bird's eye view

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Documentary Partners

The Tank Museum
The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK, houses one of the best collections of tanks in the world, with of over 300 tanks and armoured vehicles that tell the story of more than 100 years of tank warfare. With the Tank Museum's help and expertise, we dissect the crucial role of armour in this battle.


The armed forces fighting on the German side were already in disarray when the Battle of Berlin started. This makes it particularly challenging to cover the stories of the remaining units, which is also intertwined with the story of the civilians and non-combatants in the area. 

Forgotten Weapons
Forgotten Weapons

Ian McCollum is a firearms historian known from his YouTube channel Forgotten Weapons and other media projects like InRangeTV. Infantry weapons are a crucial element for studying military history and Ian's expertise helps us to understand how late war firearms shaped the fighting during the Battle of Berlin.

Military Aviation History
Military Aviation History

Christoph Bergs is a military aviation historian. Chris lends his expertise about aerial warfare. The Allies made extensive use of airplanes while advancing into Germany. Even though the Red Air Force had air superiority over Germany in April 1945, the German Luftwaffe still played a role in the Battle of Berlin.  

Military History Visualized
Military History Visualized

Bernhard Kast is a military historian and runs the YouTube channel Military History Visualised. He specialises in taking a closer look at popular views and questioning the "common narratives" by looking at current academic research and sometimes primary sources.