16 Days In Berlin - PRODUCTION BEGINS!

Posted by RTH - Real Time History GmbH Admin on

Now 16 Days in Berlin is FUNDED, which means we’re now in production mode! Wahoo!!!

We’re so grateful for the support from our early backers; we couldn’t have gotten to this point without their support. We’ve now also moved into ‘InDemand’ on Indiegogo which means we continue to accept preorders and many of our perks are still available. We've also launched our own webshop right here and can accept a multitude of payment methods including PayPal.

All extra funding we receive for the time being will enable us to make this documentary bigger and better and our stretch goals are still active

We launched our Virtual Production Team last week and invited everyone whose perk includes membership. Flo and Jesse revealed to the community more details about the scope of the documentary now we have a working budget and also talked about they’re working on right now. 
As we dial up production, more detailed updates will continue to be shared with the Virtual Production Team, this includes production livestreams, behind the scenes footage, and archive material. This is like watching the DVD extras whilst the documentary is being made and gives backers day-to-day progress and an opportunity to interact with the crew, gain insight into the creative process and contribute ideas.  

You can upgrade your pledge for only €10 to join 1000+ backers now in our online community, click here - we'd love to see you there!  
Stay tuned!