What's next for Real Time History? (Perks, Events, Projects)

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Dear backers,
In the early morning of 2 May 1945 Berlin surrendered and a few days later World War Two was over - in Europe at least. 75 years later we can still feel the marks that this conflict left on our world. We hope that with our documentary, we were able keep the memory of these times alive, so that we may never have to live through them again.
Now you might wonder: What's next for Real Time History?

Outstanding fulfilment of books and events

While we have been busy releasing the episodes of 16 Days in Berlin daily over the past 2 1/2 weeks, our designer Yves has been busy with the layout and design of the companion book. At the moment, it's going towards 200 pages. It will contain:
  • properly edited scripts of the documentary with footnotes and a detailed bibliography
  • a chapter with an overview how you can explore Berlin and the battle yourselves
  • the full contents of the expert interviews we conducted including the parts that didn't make it into the final cut
  • full color maps and photos
Once the layout is complete, our editor Mark will proofread it and soon after we will release the digital PDF to the backers eligible. And around that time we will also try to send the final version to printers and start the fulfilment. Please be aware that the shipping and printing will probably take a while. International logistics and postal services are affected by the pandemic and so are national postal services. We are doing our best to make this process transparent for you and give you realistic estimates as soon as we have them. Additionally, the signed copies might take even longer because right now Jesse is stuck in Vienna and the rest of the team is in Berlin. There is some cautious talk about easing travel restrictions among some EU countries, but nothing certain, yet.
For the event perks (Battlefield Tour and Screening at the Tank Museum), we are still observing the situation on a daily basis. That's all we can really say. Obviously we didn't anticipate this last fall. Rest assured, we will work hard to make these experiences worth the wait for you.

Feedback & Future Projects

16 Days in Berlin was a great success for us. It was the kind of documentary we always wanted to produce. And we pulled it off in less than 6 months which is a crazy short time to produce such a documentary series. We needed to make some compromises along the way and we are sure you have feedback for us what we could do better or what you would like to see differently. We will set up a small questionnaire soon to ask you for some feedback. In the meantime, you can always contact us directly.

Naturally, we have a few ideas for future projects already. But we also want to hear from you, our greatest supporters: What topic or historical period would you like to see?
All the best
Flo, Jesse & Toni

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