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Hi everyone, 

it's been two months now since we published 16 Days in Berlin to everyone, and we have been hard at work ever since. On the one hand we are already brainstorming the next project. But more about that in another post. Because our highest priority over the past weeks were the outstanding perks that still need to be fulfilled. Naturally, the COVID-19-situation has made things complicated to say the least.

Companion Book

As you have seen in digital form, the companion in its 200-page glory is ready. And today we finally got estimates from the printer. Because of the pandemic and the disrupted shipping routes, it will take a bit longer. But the book will be printed and shipped to you until late August (including the signed copies). We are of course trying everything we can to speed up the process, but we are not the only one who wants to print something urgently now that things are opening up again. In any case you will receive further updates about printing and shipping via email. 

Tank Museum Events & Battlefield Tours

In Germany and in the UK, domestic tourism and traveling is opening up again. Germany even allows some international flights again already. At the same time measures such as the wearing of masks and social distancing will stay in place for much longer and in Germany even had its first local shutdown again. In other countries the situation also varies greatly. Overall it's a very difficult situation for us and the partners we work with to bring you these event perks. To make things a bit easier to plan, we will postpone the official Tank Museum screening of 16 Days in Berlin to Tiger Day 15 (Saturday 24 April 2021). The Battlefield Tours will also be postponed till Spring 2021. This decision is made with our numerous supporters from the US, Canada and Australia in mind, so they can make their potential travel arrangements. Rest assured, we are watching the situation greatly and cannot wait to travel to the Tank Museum again ourselves. In any case, we will make these events memorable for you and for us. 

Thank you

Flo and the entire Real Time History Team


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