The Most Detailed Battle of Berlin Documentary

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Raising a Flag over the Reichstag - one of the most famous photos of World War II was staged by Soviet photographer Yevgeny Khaldei.

The Battle of Berlin was massive. More than three million German and Soviet soldiers fought for the capital of the Third Reich. While Adolf Hitler was sitting in his bunker in the city (as portrayed in the movie The Downfall). Yet, the battle never really got covered in a proper Battle of Berlin documentary. Until now. 

16 Days in Berlin is the most detailed Battle of Berlin documentary ever produced. In 18 detailed episodes it follows the Battle for Berlin day by day. The documentary was financed via crowdfunding with the support of over 4000 backers and was released for the 75th anniversary of the battle. 

Here is the trailer for 16 Days in Berlin: 

You can stream 16 Days in Berlin on Nebula

16 Days in Berlin covers the entire Berlin Operations (called Берлинская наступательная операция in Russian) from April 16 - May 2. This includes:

  • the massive Battle of the Seelow Heights when the Red Army under Marshal Zhukov crossed the Oder river and clashed with the German defenses under Gotthard Heinrici
  • the fast paced advance by Marshal Konev from the Neisse river
  • the dramatic events of the Halbe Pocket after the encirclement of
    9th Army (and a smaller part of 4th Panzer Army)
  • the liberation of Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the horrific death marches that the last inmates had to endure 
  • the dramatic breakout attempts after the encirclement of Berlin

Soviet tanks on the road to Berlin

But that is not all, each episode also dives deep on specific topics that are important to understand for the Battle of Berlin:

  • Red Army combined arms tactics
  • the Berlin flak towers
  • the role of foreign Waffen SS troops in the Battle of Berlin 
  • the Volkssturm 

16 Days in Berlin was filmed on original battlefield locations like:

Our documentary series uses state of the art graphics and animations. The documentary was researched by an international team of historians and experts. Apart from host and historian Jesse Alexander, internationally known experts shine a light on important aspects of the Battle of Berlin.


16 Days in Berlin

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