The Future of The Great War

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Today is a big day for The Great War and for us behind the scenes. We are unveiling what we have planned for the future of the channel. There will be a long announcement video today (also published as audio only) but I wanted to let you know beforehand what is going to happen. 

We Need Your Support!

First of all, we need your support on Patreon more than ever. Since the summer of 2018 we lost more than half of our funding here. And we anticipated as much. The interwar period is not as popular, we introduced a new host and we are publishing different kind of videos. Understandably, such changes aren't for everyone. On top of that, the internet is always driven by new and exciting projects whereas maintaining something over years is not as flashy. 

Still, here we are and from your feedback we know that you appreciate what we are doing. So, if you want to continue this journey with us, please keep up your support. In the current ecosystem of YouTube, The Great War can only survive because of your support. 

The Next Phase

Much like the world 100 years ago, the immediate years after The Great War were a transitional period. With the signing of the last peace treaty in Paris in 1920, we are entering a new phase. The new video on Saturday will be the first one with a brand new look for The Great War. We wanted to change things up for the new decade and improve upon our existing design. Especially the maps will look quite different in the future. Our old design was built for static front lines and big armies with numbers moving around. The new look will work better for the irregular warfare we are seeing all around the world. It should also make it easier to understand for everyone. 

One More Video A Month

We are excited to announce that we will have another, shorter video each month from now on. The roundup of the news 100 years ago will be a standalone upload from now on and will be expended. So, apart from the in-depth videos we will be producing, you will get a shorter, snappier episode in between. We will also go back and upload videos for the period of December 1918 - July 1920. At some point next year, there will be a nice playlist covering the global events at the time. 

A New Patreon Page

With this post, we also overhauled our Patreon page. There are new and exciting perks to chose from and we came up with a few ideas to foster our community. Have a look and see what you would like. 

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